Our Process

What should I expect at a session?



Once you book, I will send you my location guide so we can decide on a place to photograph together. There are several places around Atlanta where I really like to photograph! Some of my favorite locations do have water…like a river…so be prepared to get wet at the end of our session. Keep this in mind for your choice of shoes, I do have my clients participate in the shoot.  I don’t mind getting wet in order to get an image that will last a life time!


For an active dog, we might let them run around a bit before trying to take their photo, there are a lot of interesting new smells wherever we decide to go. I want your dog to feel comfortable, so if they are a little shy, we might just sit and talk for a bit until they get use to me. I always wait for the nose tap, and then we can start.

In the contact section I have a part of my form where I ask what your furry family member “works” for. Whatever it is, food, love, sounds, a special toy, I need to know. I will have a variety of sounds, treats and toys, but there may be a special thing your dog absolutely loves that could help make that perfect photo. Don’t forget to tell me about it.


More than one child? Awesome! I love multiple family members!


Special Ideas? Anything unique and interesting, let me know. I like to come up with your own very special photo…Like this newborn owl hat I commissioned from someone off of Etsy.


Props. That’s up to you. I usually wait until the dog and I have had a least one photo shoot before using any props, let them get use to me and all my crazy sounds before we put a wig on them!

After the shoot look for an email from me. It usually takes a couple of weeks for the final edit, but I love showing my “Office of the Day” on Instagram! Follow us there to see a sneak peek!