May the Fur be With You. Gus


May the Fur be With You







Where did you come from? Tell us your story.

Mom says straight from Heaven. I have no idea where that is but it sounds nice.


What is your biggest fear?

That I won’t get my desert boney after dinner and breakfast. Oh yeah and storms.


What is your fondest memory?

The first time I saw my sister Lucy.


What is your most embarrassing moment?

I’ve had several and they all involve mom having to pull poopy grass out of my butt.


What are you most proud of?

The time I caught a chipmunk at the trail . Unfortunately Mom screamed at me and I dropped it.   Oh and I’m good with the ladies.


What is your favorite toy, and why.

Not really into toys.


If you could chase anything, what would it be?

Chipmunks or squirrels


What’s your favorite food or treat?

Hot dogs off the grill


Do you wear clothes? If so, what’s your favorite outfit.

My mom used to make me wear this horrible horrible sweater but I pouted and looked so sad and pissed at the same time she took it off me.


Are you named after anyone? How did you get your name?  

I’m named after my great great great great great grandfather who was the prize hunter in the court of Charlemagne. Or so I’m told.


If you could be someone famous, who would you be?

George Clooney


What’s your favorite TV show?

I fall asleep watching tv


What kind of music do you listen to?

Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble ,Neil Diamond


Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend? What are they like?

I do have one special lady friend. She’s a beautiful red head. She’s a great kisser and she’s totally crazy for me!


What is the weirdest object found destroyed in your home that you left for your human?

That would be the arm of our couch. Mom had to get a cover for it. She was pissed big time.


If you could talk, what or who would you sound like?

George Clooney


Can you do any tricks, if so, what?

Tricks are for kids


Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever hidden your treats/bone?

I don’t hide my treats but my sister does. I hide out in the corner of the yard and watch her bury her bone. When she goes back inside I go and grab it and bring it in the house. Mom yells at me cause its usually covered in dirt.


What’s your idea of happiness?

Rolling around in the grass on a beautiful spring day. Also making out with my girl in the back of moms car is pretty cool too.



Whats your favorite motto or quote?

how beautiful it is to do nothing, and then to rest afterward”


Do you have any major distinguishing characteristics, if so what are they?

I’m told I have beautiful alligator eyes.


Kristen’s Point of view: Gus is Xena’s Boyfriend…She shwers him with kisses when she sees him, shes in LOVE! I just did three quick photo’s of Gus and his family at the park, so I’m going to share those…although I think they have added one more dog sibling to the pack!













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