May the Fur be With You. Addie

May the Fur be With You



Where did you come from? Tell us your story.


I come from a farm in Wisconsin. My owner flew up to meet me, then she flew home with me on her lap. I loved going through the airports because people paid all sorts of attention to me. I didn’t go to the bathroom the entire trip even though I was only nine weeks old.




What is your biggest fear?

I won’t get enough to eat.



What is your fondest memory?


The day I ate a 4.5 pound tuna casserole, until the vet made me throw it up.


What is your most embarrassing moment?

Don’t have any embarrassments. Everything I do is perfect.


What are you most proud of?     

I once caught two squirrels in the same day. My owner didn’t like it because it took me over two hours to eat them.



What is your favorite toy, and why.

I never liked any toy, except removing their eyes and the squeaker.



What is your favorite animal?     



If you could chase anything, what would it be? 

Deer. I’ve done it lots of times at the ocean.



What’s your favorite food or treat?


All food is my favorite.


Do you wear clothes? If so, what’s your favorite outfit.

Never, except when I am loaned out to friends of mine and their owner makes me.

Are you named after anyone? How did you get your name?


My owner told me my name. I am not named after anyone, according to her.


If you could be someone famous, who would you be?

What is the name of that guy who winds the Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest? He’s small and Japanese but he sure can eat a lot!



What’s your favorite TV show?

Some of the Nature shows and the AKC dog contests.



What kind of music do you listen to?

None, I can’t hear anything walking through the leaves if there is that noise.



Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend? What are they like?

Luna is my best friend, and Xena is my second best friend. A gut named Gus really likes me, but I can take him or leave him. At one time, Goldie and Eli were my very best friends, but they died.



What is the weirdest object found destroyed in your home that you left for your human?

An empty bag of white rice.


If you could talk, what or who would you sound like?

Who wants to talk?


Can you do any tricks, if so, what?

I can catch animals and eat them. Does that count?
















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