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Thank you so much for stopping by! My name is Kristen, and these are my two favorite girls: Xena and Luna. They are my main inspiration behind most everything I do in the dog world. Xena is definitely lives up to the name: The Warrior Princess, she is after all a Lion Hunter, I mean Squirrel hunter. You will find her curled up on her bed with two to three blankets on top of her, she LOVES to be completely submerged in fluffy blankets.  Luna is my sweet patient love girl, she definitely rescued me. She is the first born by 3 months and is the ruler at the dog park. She loves to hunt alongside her sister and they have a animal ticker “hit list” on the fridge.  I can’t make it up, so here it is:


I would love to meet your furry children! Please send me a message and we can talk about doing a one of a kind photo session. I look forward to hearing from you!

~Kristen, Xena and Luna

And announcing our new brother, Maximus! We are excited about our newest addition, he is the same age as Xena and Luna, who are 8 years young.



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Hi! Just like Oprah, I have some Favorite things!

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